COP28: NDN Collective’s Second Week at COP28 in Dubai

For three weeks, members of NDN Collective’s Policy and Advocacy, Regional Deep Dive program, NDN Fund, Communications, Tactical Media, and Creative Resistance Teams, have been on the ground in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our second week of being on the ground began with the official opening of the  United Nations 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) and opening of the International Indigenous Peoples’ Pavilion. It was also filled with panels and discussions with panels, side events, participating in actions to uplift the Indigenous caucus’ priorities, and tracking negotiations and meeting with government officials. 

Here is a round up from our second week on the ground with links to recorded events:  


Dialogue with the COP28 Presidency

On December 5th, NDN Collective was present at The Dialogue with the COP28 Presidency where the host country’s top COP advisors heard presentations from Indigenous representatives from each of the 7 regions on their key issue requests as related to COP and negotiations.

Relatives from the Caribbean and Pacific Island territories at COP28. Photo taken by Angie Solloa for NDN Collective. 

NDN Collective’s Director of Movement and Strategic Partnerships, Thalia Yarina Carroll-Cachimuel, represented the Latin America region and spoke to the COP28 Presidency about Just Transition and what it means for Indigenous People. Watch the presentation here.

In a presentation about the impact of climate change on their islands, Lucielle Paru of the Papua Native Landowners Association Incorporated in Papua New Guinea shared about the island loss their people have already been facing.

Tomorrow you will not see us here [at COP28] as the peoples’ of the Pacific Ocean. We have lost three islands so far. Our people contribute the least to climate change and are the most impacted. All of you in the industrial and technological world have lands to return home to and we do not — we are now climate refugees. We may be small and insignificant to the rest of the industrial world but we are content with what little we have. We are the ocean. 

Lucielle Paru, Papua Native Landowners Association Incorporated in Papua New Guinea

Meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim organized a meeting with French President Macron. This was an unprecedented engagement as he came during the Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus meeting. Each of the regions had a chance to engage with him by giving a one minute speech of our priorities.

Check out Janene Yazzie (NDN Collective) and President Fawn Sharp (National Congress of American Indians) share North America COP priorities to President Macron here.

French President Emmanuel Macron taking a photo after meeting with the Indigenous Peoples’ Caucus. Photo by Willi White for NDN Collective.


NDN Collective Reception: Building Indigenous Power & Equitable Financial Mechanisms: An NDN Collective Social at HOPE HOUSE

On December 4th, NDN Collective hosted a reception at the HOPE HOUSE for COP28 attendees, funders, and key stakeholders interested in learning how to uplift solutions around the globe that protect Indigenous Peoples Rights for the best outcomes for all Peoples’ and Mother Earth. The purpose of the event was to create a space where Indigenous People attending COP28 could learn more about the ways NDN Collective has created a successful model for supporting the self-determination of Indigenous Peoples’ in the US, Mexico and Canada, and our priorities supporting the International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change  (IIPFCC) in COP28 negotiations.

From left to right: Angie Solloa (Maya & Hopi), NDN Collective Digital Organizer, Thalia Yarina Carroll-Cachimuel (Kichwa-Otavalo), NDN Collective Director of Movement and Strategic Partnerships. Photo by Time For Better

Investing in Effective Climate Resiliency: Climate Finance for All Peoples Panel at the U.S. Center Pavilion 

Jade Begay, Director of Policy and Advocacy moderated a panel featuring Janene Yazzie, NDN Collective Southwest Regional Director, and Kim Pate, Director of the NDN Fund.  The panel discussed how NDN Collective is addressing extractive finance systems in government and philanthropy while paving a just and equitable path for impact investment, climate finance and grant making. They also discussed how policies such as Justice 40 and 30×30 can be strengthened when connected to justice-based climate finance that supports the self-determination of Indigenous Peoples’ and frontline communities across all ecosystems.

From left to right: Jade Begay (Diné and Tesuque Pueblo), NDN Collective Director of Policy and Advocacy, Janene Yazzie (Diné), NDN Collective Southwest Regional Director, Kim Pate (Descendant of Eastern Band Cherokee and Mississippi Choctaw), NDN Fund Director. Photo by Willi White for NDN Collective. 

LANDBACK and Climate Adaption Panel

On December 6th during the LANDBACK and Climate Adaptation panel, Janene Yazzie, Kim Pate, and NDN partner Serena Mendizabal of Sacred Earth Solar, shared examples of LANDBACK in action and how this Indigenous-led movement is a climate solution model which contributes to climate adaptation, regenerative economies, and protection of biodiversity. 

Watch the full panel here.

From left to right: Thalia Yarina Carroll-Cachimuel, Kim Pate, Serena Mendizabal, and Janene Yazzie on the LANDBACK and Climate Adaptation panel. Photo by Angie Solloa for NDN Collective.

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