NDN Collective is steadfast in our commitment to our mission: Build the collective power of Indigenous Peoples, communities, and Nations to exercise our inherent right to self-determination, while fostering a world that is built on a foundation of justice and equity for all people and Mother Earth.

NDN Holdings is a for-profit holding company, wholly owned by NDN Collective, that exists to build assets and get land back by transitioning land, real estate, and building ownership through strategic land acquisition opportunities. NDN Holdings is not run as a traditional for-profit business that centers the bottom line. Rather, NDN Holdings takes on development projects that directly support our mission and values and are based on impact for the people and community. Our activities help build assets and strengthen Indigenous power throughout the organization and the communities we support.

NDN Holdings’ first development project was centered around the NDN Headquarters building. Initially when NDN Collective leased a building in downtown Rapid City, the owner dismissed a creative art project that added to the building’s charisma. Instead of leasing another building, we created NDN Holdings to help develop a new site for the home of NDN Collective. By using the NDN Holdings entity, NDN Collective seeks to create a sustainable circular economic model that allows for us to meet our community needs on our terms.

"Community development is a crucial process that enables communities to flourish on their own terms. It involves reconstructing systems that work equally for everyone and is in balance with Mother Earth.”