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NDN Collective is an Indigenous-led organization dedicated to building Indigenous power. Through organizing, activism, philanthropy, grantmaking, capacity-building and narrative change, we are creating sustainable solutions on Indigenous terms.

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We are an all-Indigenous team of grassroots organizers, practitioners, community builders, and media-based strategists from diverse Nations throughout Turtle Island.

Our team

Our mission is grounded in Indigenous values and democratic principles of organizing. We are committed to creating a world that is more just and equitable for all people and the planet.

Mission and Values
Narrative Change

Storytelling is a central feature of our organizing work. We lift up stories of Indigenous movement-building, we disrupt false narratives, and we produce content to build Indigenous power.

Posted 7 days ago NDN Collective Statement of Condolence: Honoring the Life of Clyde Bellecourt
“We lost a warrior, an AIM leader, an elder, and a revolutionary. Clyde was a fearless leader who dodged bullets, sat jail time, marched in streets and built up Native communities. His fierceness in confronting racism and oppression have changed the conditions in which we organize and live in today."
Posted 1 week ago Redéfinir la richesse autochtone : Questions et réponses avec Nick Tilsen et Gaby Strong
Après un processus de sélection de plusieurs mois, la Fondation Bush a choisi NDN Collective comme l'une des deux organisations qui recevront 50 millions de dollars dans un fonds fiduciaire communautaire pour aider à combler l'écart de richesse raciale dans…
Posted 1 week ago Redefinir la riqueza Indígena: preguntas y respuestas con Nick Tilsen y Gaby Strong
Después de un proceso de selección de varios meses, la Fundación Bush seleccionó a NDN Collective como una de dos organizaciones a recibir $50 millones USD en un fondo fiduciario comunitario para ayudar a cerrar la brecha de riqueza racial…
Posted 1 week ago NDN Collective reçoit une subvention de 50 millions de dollars à redistribuer aux communautés Indigènes
For Immediate Release: December 14, 2021 Rapid City, SD - Aujourd'hui, NDN Collective annonce sa sélection par la Fondation Bush pour établir un fonds fiduciaire communautaire qui sera utilisé pour redistribuer 50 millions de dollars aux communautés autochtones. Nexus Community…
Posted 1 week ago NDN Collective se premia con una subvención de $50 millones USD
For Immediate Release: December 14, 2021 Rapid City, Dakota del Sur -- Hoy, NDN Collective anunció que fue seleccionado por laFundación Bush para establecer un fondo fiduciario comunitario que se usará para redistribuir$50 millones a comunidades Indigenas. Nexus Community Partners,…

United like never before, we rise together — arm-in-arm — to equip all Indigenous Peoples with the tools needed to become architects of our future. Through a holistic approach to infrastructure, funding, advocacy, movement building, and philanthropy we are fostering a world of justice and equity for all people and the planet.

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