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While Indigenous is an NDN Collective solutions podcast hosted by Sarah Sunshine Manning, exploring topics impacting Indigenous lands and communities and from a decolonial Indigenous lens. Guests on the podcast discuss, analyze and unpack many of our everyday experiences in order to create a more just and sustainable world for all people and the planet.

5 months ago
6 months ago
NDN Collective President Nick Tilsen has a conversation with Edgar Villanueva about his new book Decolonizing Wealth and the concepts behind it.
6 months ago
9 months ago
On this episode, we talk decolonizing the holidays and reconnecting to more meaningful Indigenous winter solstice teachings.
10 months ago
In precolonial Indigenous cultures, women occupied esteemed roles. Colonization changed a lot of that. Here, three Indigenous people from across the U.S. weigh in on the traditional roles of women in their respective Nations.
11 months ago
Indigenous organizers Yolonda Bluehorse, Jade Begay, and Nick Estes weigh in on the issue of "The Spunky Squaw" online boutique, which recently came on the radar of Indigenous social media users for its use of the dehumanizing "S-word."
12 months ago
Indigenous Peoples Day proclamations are rapidly replacing Columbus Day across the U.S. In this episode, we talk to five Indigenous activists and organizers about their work and what Indigenous Peoples Day means to them.
12 months ago
In this episode we interview Nick Tilsen, founder of NDN Collective, about the organization.
12 months ago
For millennia our ancestors used stories to root us in our deepest power source and ground us in an awareness of our responsibilities to each other and all creation. On "While Indigenous", a podcast devoted to building Indigenous power, we'll talk about getting back to that place.