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NDN Collective is a national organization dedicated to building Indigenous power.

3 weeks ago
Questions, Answers, AND MORE!
2 months ago
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NDN Collective is proud to match every dollar donated to Hawaii Unity and Liberation Institute up to $10,000, to reach a goal of $20,000.
2 months ago
3 months ago
Subverting the 4th of July, Indigenously.
4 months ago
Love is indeed one of the greatest verbs and one way to express that love is by attending film showcases and festivals where our stories are being shared.
5 months ago
Fighting the SD "Riot Boosting" Act and the Keystone XL Pipeline
6 months ago
Six fierce Indigenous voices weigh in
6 months ago
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RAPID CITY, S.D., March 28, 2019–In conjunction with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the ACLU of South Dakota, four organizations and two individuals have filed suit against the State of South Dakota challenging a package of state laws that violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. Senate Bill … Continued
6 months ago
“What scientists and environmentalists are just now realizing is what Indigenous people have been saying for a really long time about sustainability and Earth consciousness. We have to implement this knowledge into the crafting of the Green New Deal.”
6 months ago
Turning skinned knees into toughened bodies and deepened spirits.  Turning tragedy into unsuspecting beauty, blossoming over and over again.