Grant awards, up to two years at $50,000 per year, are provided to individual artists, artist cooperatives, or small nonprofits who are deeply engaged with their communities to inspire and develop radical, alternative visions for the future and who are emphasizing solution building for Indigenous/Racial Justice.

This includes Artists, Creatives, Culture-bearers, Storytellers of any genre who are at any stage of their work life, but must have momentum, be visionary, and on a journey within a movement; have demonstrated experience in producing or co-designing community art projects; experience in managing funds, including any tax obligations; and a willingness to participate in broader community dialogue or participatory research.

Indigenous Leaders working in their communities are provided with support to defend, develop or decolonize through one-year fellowships, providing investment in their leadership, personal and professional growth and development.

Grant awards are provided to Tribal Nations, communities and organizations as an investment in Indigenous power and a means to support and foster community based solutions and decision-making.  Significant, multi-year grant support is intended to advance community-based priorities and solutions most aligned with the strategies of Defend, Develop and Decolonize. A wide-range of priority areas can be supported, with an emphasis on regenerative principles of community growth and sustainability, particularly those that are addressing climate change.

Frontline organizers and movements are supported in their work to defend, develop and decolonize.  Modest urgent response grants are provided to groups and individuals most impacted by local challenges, ensuring that resources and decision-making ability lies with those most affected by the results and most equipped to solve immediate challenges.

The NDN Collective Abundance Fund provides wealth building grants to Indigenous people who reside within the tri-state region of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. The program  supports the re-building of generational wealth, while beginning to address the wealth gap among Indigenous individuals and families.  This is just one action that supports the advancement of our work to Defend, Develop, and Decolonize. We see this work as a way to advance the dismantling of white supremacy thinking and  exploitative and extractive economic systems that have not worked for our People.  This includes centering this work around a redefinition of wealth from our Indigenous perspective, rather than the western definition of wealth that is rooted in capitalism which promotes the accumulation of money and material possessions often without regard to the protection of people and Mother Earth.