Rosebud Construction Inc.


As the economic development engine of the Siċaŋġu Lak̇ota Nation, Siċaŋġu Co’s purpose is to improve the financial and social well-being of their tribal relatives. They are guided and inspired by the 7Gen Vision, which imagines the type of world they’d like to see their descendants living in 175 years from now and ask, “How do we live today to create a healthy, just, abundant world for our grandchildren?” Grounded in their ancestral and cultural wisdom, with a deep understanding of the profound challenges faced by their people, Siċaŋġu Co is working towards Wicozani, or “the good way of life” for the Siċaŋġu Oyate – holistic health, economic self-sufficiency, cultural revitalization, sustainable housing, food sovereignty, climate resilience, and shared, lasting prosperity.

Siċaŋġu Co Was created in 1999, when the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (Siċaŋġu Lak̇ota Nation) stepped forward to begin reclaiming their right to self-determination by establishing Rosebud Economic Development Corporation (REDCO) which has been recently changed to Siċaŋġu Co. Designed as the economic development arm of the Tribe, their purpose is to generate revenue and create economic development opportunities for the Sicangu Lakota Oyate and other surrounding areas. Siċaŋġu Co. serves as the parent company and focuses on business and policy development and operates over a dozen subsidiaries that do business both on and off the reservation. Profits are reinvested into community programming, and an annual dividend supports essential tribal programming. Across their ecosystem, they employ over 60 people. One of their entities is Rosebud Construction Inc (RCI). 

NDN began working with the team at Sicangu Co. initially on a loan request for the Wolakota Regenerative Buffalo Sanctuary but was able to close that capital gap with grant funding. We then focused on a working capital loan for RCI to complete several government contracts. RCI is a licensed construction general contractor and architectural practice that is owned by the Sicangu Oyate, or Rosebud Sioux Tribe (RST). They provide affordable quality, affordable design-build services to their customers that are developed in a socially respectful manner and are considered an industry leader in Indian Country.

The majority of RCI’s workload comes through Public Law “638 Subpart J” of the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act. As the responsibility to execute construction and design projects through this law is delegated by RST elected leadership, RCI’s skills and abilities are directly put to work, on behalf of the Rosebud people, in building up the sovereign Rosebud Lakota communities that have been historically underserved. 

RCI also regularly competes and bids on work in the open market both on and off the reservation as well. While this represents a smaller portion of their portfolio to date, their portfolio includes new construction projects, remodeling, historic renovation, residential, commercial, health care, judicial and more. In addition to the professional services mentioned above RCI has continued to develop skilled construction trade crews that currently allow RCI to self-perform foundation and concrete work, structural framing, siding, roofing as well as interior finishes such as drywall, finish carpentry, paint and more.

The demand for RCI’s services has exponentially increased in a COVID-19 impacted marketplace. The COVID related market conditions have presented additional challenges in executing projects that all RCI staff remain committed to work diligently every day to overcome while continuing our dedication to safety. RCI has 25 qualified staff members with the majority of RCI’s staff being enrolled tribal members.

NDN brought both loan and grant funding resources to the table as part of our braided capital approach which is grounded in our resilient and regenerative Indigenous lending principles.