Navajo Power


A new sun is rising in the west and Navajo Power is leading the charge. Through the creation of Navajo Power, clear solutions are emerging in the renewable energy space and solar leads the way in proven energy production. Navajo Power, established as a Public Benefit Corporation, develops utility-scale clean energy projects on tribal lands, and maximizes the economic benefits for local communities. Their mission is to cultivate an economic upgrade from coal to renewables throughout Navajo country through developing gigawatts (GWs) of solar and storage projects as the imminent closure of local coal plants accelerates. In their second phase, they will expand their model with Navajo, and deploy a replication strategy with tribes in the Southwest and beyond.

As our first official loan relative, Navajo Power’s project aligns 100% with NDN Collective’s mission and values. They successfully paid back their first bridge loan with NDN and we recently closed another loan to help them close out their impact loan syndicate.

“Tribal nations are on the frontlines of the clean energy transition, having suffered disproportionately by detrimental health, environmental and economic impacts,” said Brett Isaac, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Navajo Power. “This latest fundraising round will help us ensure that Native communities not only recover, but are the prioritized beneficiaries and stewards of the clean energy revolution.” Navajo Power is doing this in a way that enables significant wealth creation, economic development and capacity-building.

NDN Fund is excited to be a small part of funding and bringing braided capital resources to the table to achieve eternal energy independence for all on our lands. This new model for equitable renewable development in Native communities with a vision to scale their model to Native lands and impacted communities throughout the world is vital to our future.