Miss Anne’s MayPop Herb Shop


Miss Anne’s MayPop Herb Shop is a Lakota woman-owned and operated full-service herb shop serving New Orleans. NDN Fund’s loan to MayPop Herb Shop will allow the shop to expand their online presence in order to serve a national market. The shop is stocked with hundreds of herbal remedies that support health and wellbeing. Miss Anne’s MayPop Herb Shop honors the legacy of Indigenous healers and medicine makers through stewarding relationships with our Plant Nation relatives. Miss Anne’s MayPop Herb Shop has become a community resource for remedies, plant knowledge, healing and social change by utilizing an ecological and economic sustainability model. During the pandemic, operations had to be scaled back due to the lack of travel and tourism, but with the NDN Fund Loan the shop was able to resume—and expand upon—its pre-pandemic service levels. Miss Anne is also positioning the shop to offer electricity through a solar generator in the case of climate events like Hurricane Katrina. Local residents could go there for power and to receive alternative medicine as needed for themselves and their loved ones.

We provided power building resources to Miss Anne’s MayPop Herb Shop that include hiring Nativ3 (an Indigenous team of creative experts) to develop a new website so that their products can reach a wider market. The website brings to life a unique, one-of-a-kind, mobile-friendly experience that provides access to products, education and knowledge-sharing. The functionality means that Miss Anne’s MayPop Herb Shop will be able to track how well the website is meeting the needs of the target audience so that there can be continuous improvement. We have recently expanded this contract with Nativ3 to include social media marketing, another need for the business in its growth and expansion.