Regenerative Agriculture


Regenerative agriculture describes agricultural relationships that regenerate the Earth’s ability to give life, as well as our communities.  Our traditional agricultural and harvesting practices are powerful examples of this, and as we strengthen our traditional food systems and adapt to new food relationships we can use our values, understandings and practices to create resilient food systems and economies. 

Intertribal Agriculture Council

Hub for information, training, legal, networking and resourcing Indigenous producers, including producer maps.

Traditional Native American Farmers Association

Seed bank, regenerative agriculture course

Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance

Indigenous Seedkeepers Network, Native chef support, mentorship

Indigenous Food and Agriculture Initiative

IFAI provides Tribal governments, producers, and food businesses with educational resources, policy research, and strategic legal analysis as a foundation for building robust food economies.

Native Farm Bill Coalition

Native Agriculture policy advocate in the colonial US

Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture

Indigenous Grower training program

Sovereign Seeds

Indigenous seed sovereignty, training, research, based in colonial Canada

Native Farm to School Planning and Development

First Nations Development Institute

Food Sovereignty Assessment Tool

First Nations Development Institute

Composting Council

Resource on larger, community scale and commercial scale composting

Institute for Local Self Reliance

Resource on community/nation/commercial composting

There are many more than listed here. We encourage you to support your local seed company. 

Seed Savers Exchange

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Botanical Interests

Peaceful Valley Farm




Native SeedSEARCH

Bountiful Gardens

Heritage Harvest Seed

Nichols Garden Nursery

Ronnigers Potato Farm

Vermont Bean Seed Company

Victory Seed Company

Rodale Institute

Beyond Pesticides

Native Conservancy

Shinnecock Kelp Farmers

Native American Agriculture Fund

Ambrook List of Ag Funding for Native Americans

USDA Indigenous Animals Grant

Designed to support the priorities of Tribal Nations in meeting the needs of traditional harvesting methods and indigenous animals. This project intends to fund projects which invest in Tribal Nations’ supply chain resiliency, indigenous animals, restoring local indigenous food systems, and indigenous processing methods, and expanding local capacity for the harvesting, processing, manufacturing, storing, transporting, wholesaling, or distribution (communal or commercial) of meat, poultry, seafood, and other animals that provide culturally appropriate food and food security to tribal communities