Our movements have had a profound impact. Increasingly, settler descendents who hold legal title to land are committing themselves to justice through giving land back. We are seeing  more legal cases over stolen land being won; more non-Indigenous organizations reaching out to learn from, and partner with Indigenous Nations to support Land Back; and more action being taken by Indigenous families and collectives to liberate our lands from the entanglement and dispossession caused by the Dawes Allotment Act or other strategies of dispossession.  

US Department of Interior Land Buy Back (Fee into Trust process)

Indian Land Tenure Foundation: 

 Support to navigate ownership, regulation, estate planning, legal resources, education, grant resources.

Indian Land Capital Company

Recovery, management, jurisdiction over alienated tribal land, consolidating undivided interests in land with fractionated ownership.   Elimination of “checkerboarding” (mixed patterns of land ownership and jurisdictions) on reservations.  Native Owned Community Development Financial Institution offering loans and support for land acquisition, and investment into work that cares for the land.

First Nations Development Institute Stewarding Native Lands Program

Knowledge sharing and partnership for Indigenous land care

Native American Rights Fund

Legal Support for Land Back initiatives

First Light Learning Journey

First Light is a collaboration in Maine between hundreds of leaders, 65 organizations and Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Maliseet and Mi’kmaq Communities to re-learn history, recenter Indigenous voice and to return land, resources and power.

Trust for Public Land  

TPL has partnered with Indigenous Nations to support Land Back.

Nature Conservancy Indigenous Lands and Communities Program

Nature Conservancy partners to support Land Back in the US and Canada

Nature United Canada

Nature United partners to support Land Back in Canada

Land trusts have been used successfully as a tool to achieve Land Back off of reservation or reserve territories. 

Land Trust Alliance

Leading organization supporting the development of land trusts, including detailed development content.

Land Trust Practical Details from First Light

Grounded Solutions Network

 They have a great technical startup manual

Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust

A Community and Conservation hybrid model land trust, with resources, education, and support.


Native American Land Conservancy

An Intertribal Conservation Land Trust in Southern California

Native Land Conservancy

Intertribal Conservation Land Trust on East Coast, US

Native Conservancy

Alaskan Indigenous Native land trust; land protection, community development