The rural nature of many of our Nations creates limitations in communications technology.  This is a critical issue to address if we are going to build thriving and resilient Nations.  Too often we have had to leave our communities, or consider making deals with well connected outside companies and agencies, often extractive industries, to provide a living for our families.  We are wealthy with biodiversity, knowledge, creativity, art, ingenuity, and have opportunities to trade and thrive within our community with the right kind of education and investment.  However, we need to ensure that our people have access to broadband telecommunications to be able to build thriving economies from within our homelands. 

Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Community controlled broadband resources

Indigenous Connectivity Institute (US and Canada)

Tribal broadband training, summit, bootcamps, networking

Native Network

Indigenous broadband, cloud, and telecommunications company. Technical assistance, fund identification, development services


Indigenous broadband, wireless, and telecommunications company.  Planning, business development, development services


Rural Broadband Access Loan and Loan Guarantee

Tribal Broadband Federal Funding

Tribal Broadband: Status of Deployment and Federal Funding Programs

Community Connect Grants

Telecommunications Infrastructure Loans & Loan Guarantees

First Nations Fiber

Indigenous owned wireless and telecommunications company

First Nations Infrastructure Institute

Development partner for infrastructure


First Nations Infrastructure Fund

Indigenous Community Infrastructure Initiative

Universal Broadband Fund

Connect to Innovate

Broadband Fund