Rapid City vs Racism



The Rapid City v Racism campaign focuses on addressing and challenging the systematic structures that create harm through community advocacy, policy change, police oversight, and the creation of community spaces, we seek to address the systemic racism and discrimination against Indigenous People. 

Since 2001 there have been 79 police-involved shootings statewide with no convictions nor accountability of police officers. 75% of the fatal shooting victims were Indigenous People. This pattern of practice by law enforcement used to target our communities and kill our Indigenous relatives must stop now! 

Our commitment to justice and community safety drives our demand for a DOJ investigation into the Rapid City Police Department. This is a crucial step towards ensuring accountability, enhancing transparency, and shifting resources from traditional community-led safety measures. Our vision reimagines public safety, where community-led initiatives and supportive, non-punitive services replace over-policing and racial discrimination. This approach not only aims to stop the ongoing violence inflicted by the police state but also fosters a safer, more just environment for all community members.

The WIČAKTEPI Remembrance Garden

Through projects like the WIČAKTEPI Remembrance Garden, we emphasize the importance of remembering those lost to systemic injustices while actively working to prevent future tragedies. Through these efforts, we seek to transform public safety to truly reflect and protect the values and needs of our community.

The WIČAKTEPI Remembrance Garden seeks to create a physical space for remembrance and visible reflection on the impact of racist policing practices. Taking lead and inspiration from fellow community efforts across Turtle Island to remember our loved ones while holding systems of law enforcement accountable. The term WIČAKTEPI, meaning “those who are killed” in Lakota, reflects the solemn dedication of this space to not only mourn the unjustly lost but also to galvanize community action against systemic injustices.

The reception and unveiling of the WIČAKTEPI Remembrance Garden is set for Thursday May 23, 2024 at 6:00pm MT at NDN Collective headquarters (408 Knollwood Drive, Rapid City, SD).