UNPACKING COP27 with the NDN Collective COP27 Delegation

In this end of the year episode of In Our Power, NDN Collective Climate Justice Organizer Kailea Frederick sits down with Nicole Yanes and Janene Yazzie who were both members of NDN Collective’s COP27 delegation. Together they reflect on what it was like to travel to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt for the COP and also why it is so critical that Indigenous Peoples continue to participate in the UNFCCC Process. Give this a listen if you have ever wondered: 

  • What the difference is between Indigneous Peoples and Local Communities
  • Why carbon markets and carbon capture technologies are dangerous for our communities and lands
  • What this whole Loss and Damage Fund is really about


This is an important episode that connects the dots between COP negotiations and impacts on our communities. 


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