Teresa Peterson


Teresa Peterson (She/Her), is Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota and a member of the Upper Sioux Community. Terri will be taking on the role of Program Manager of the NDN Foundation leading the planning and implementation of the newly announced $50 million Community Trust grant initiative. She holds an EdD from University of Minnesota-Duluth and an M.S. in Educational Leadership from Southwest Minnesota State University. In 2017 Terri received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Minnesota Morris. Much of her work has focused on Indigenous education, planning, and evaluation. She is a former elected Tribal leader of Upper Sioux and has served as Tribal Planner for both the Upper and Lower Sioux communities. Terri also founded and led Dakota Wicohan, an Indigenous-led, community based nonprofit that works to revitalize the Minnesota Dakota language. She enjoys writing, gardening, and feeding friends and family from her home that overlooks the Mni Sota River Valley. Photo By Ne-Dah-Ness Greene