Melina Laboucan-Massimo


Melina Laboucan-Massimo is a member of the Lubicon Cree First from Northern Alberta, Canada. She has worked on social, environmental and climate justice issues for the past 15 years. Currently a Fellow at the David Suzuki Foundation, Laboucan-Massimo’s research is focused on Climate Change, Indigenous Knowledge and Renewable Energy. For over a decade, she worked as a Climate and Energy Campaigner with Greenpeace Canada and the Indigenous Environmental Network internationally. Laboucan-Massimo has written for a variety of publications and produced short documentaries on the tar sands, climate change, water issues and Indigenous cultural revitalization. She has also worked on the issue of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women in Canada after the suspicious death of her sister Bella whose case still remains unsolved. Laboucan-Massimo holds a Masters degree in Indigenous Governance at the University of Victoria with a focus on Renewable Energy in First communities. Her most recent project is hosting a TV series called Power to the People, which documents renewable energy, food security and eco-housing in Indigenous communities across North America. Laboucan-Massimo currently serves on the Board of as well as the steering committees of Indigenous Climate Action, Energy Futures Lab, and Seeding Sovereignty.