Cy Wagoner


Cy Wagoner (He/Him), has 20 years of collaborative experience in creative resistance. His background in arts in activism has always been rooted in a community’s expression of visual arts and storytelling. He started out managing an art collective crew that focused on youth mentorship before working full-time as a Direct Action Trainer, coordinating for organizations all across Turtle Island and around the globe as well as sitting on the board for Indigenous People Power Project (IP3). He feels honored to combine the expression of wellness through artistic resistance which always includes the voice of a community’s youth. His early background as a teacher informs his continued dedication to engaging youth in building  their voice and skills to continue to fight for a better future. He believes that the future relies presently on us and it is our responsibility to support the youth in creatively expressing their vision of a just and healthy world. Art has always been land and people together. When you no longer live with land, you will be changed. Art does change people.