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Current events, editorials, and collaborative multimedia — from an Indignenous perspective.

5 months ago
Native American Heritage Month: Indigenous People Will Not be Erased
For nearly three decades, the month of November has been recognized as Native American Heritage Month. Bi-partisan support through Presidential Proclamations and law formally recognized and honored the contributions of Native and Indigenous peoples throughout the month. This year, however, the 45th President of the United States attempted to rebrand the month entirely, prioritizing an … Continued
5 months ago
Alcatraz Canoe Journey: Honoring 50 Years of Indigenous Resistance and Persistence
"If we work to reframe Alcatraz as a symbol for Indigenous sovereignty and reposition it in people’s psyche that way, it could be a very powerful thing, especially for people who are so often forgotten overlooked and marginalized like Natives in America."
6 months ago
NDN Collective Celebrates One Year of Building Indigenous Power
This moment in history calls upon us to bind together. Radical change is at our fingertips, and we must keep reaching, building and fighting.
6 months ago
Thunberg and Tokata Iron Eyes Join Forces and Elevate Climate Justice Conversation
Today’s rally and march to the Mayor’s office continues the long effort of climate justice and Indigenous activists to pressure government to honor Indigenous rights and to take bold climate action.
6 months ago
SD “Riot Boosting” Act Blocked in Preliminary Injunction — What this means and what’s next
This illegal law was a bump in the road in our fight to protect Mother Earth, but we are glad to hear that a federal judge agrees that we should have the right to organize and protest unencumbered. This is a step in the right direction.
7 months ago
Aligning with our Power During Climate Crisis: An Indigenous Action List
We hold the solutions to our greatest ecological challenges, and we also hold within us the power to ensure that our future is one that is just and beautiful for future generations.
8 months ago
NDN Changemaker Fellowship Webinar
Questions, Answers, AND MORE!
9 months ago
NDN Collective Launches Campaign to Match Donations to Support the Mauna Kea Resistance in Hawaii
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NDN Collective is proud to match every dollar donated to Hawaii Unity and Liberation Institute up to $10,000, to reach a goal of $20,000.
9 months ago
9 months ago
From Independence to Interdependence
Subverting the 4th of July, Indigenously.

United like never before, we rise together—arm in arm—to equip all Indigenous Peoples with the tools needed to become architects of our future.

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