Nourishing the Matriarchy with Kim Smith, founder of Indigenous Goddess Gang



What does it mean to embody Indigenous matriarchy?

A conversation with Kim Smith (Diné), founder and editor of Indigenous Goddess Gang, an innovative digital magazine that quickly expanded and became a thriving digital community for nourishing the matriarchy, and so much more. Kim shares some of the history of the Indigenous Goddess Gang, the inspiration, and how other social and environmental justice causes are interwoven into the work of an Indigenous matriarch.

With Special Guest Kim Smith

Kim Smith, Diné, is founder and editor of Indigenous Goddess Gang

While Indigenous: The NDN Podcast

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While Indigenous: The NDN Podcast

The Spunky Squaw Standstill: When Online Activism Falls Short, Do This

Indigenous organizers Yolonda Bluehorse, Jade Begay, and Nick Estes weigh in on the issue of "The Spunky Squaw" online boutique, which recently came on the radar of Indigenous social media users for its use of the dehumanizing "S-word."
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