Ocean Back

In this episode, Nick Tilsen visits with longtime mentor Dune Lankard, who shares stories and knowledge from his fight to protect his homelands in southcentral Alaska. From protecting millions of acres, to standing up for the bears, to fighting climate change while feeding the people with kelp, Dune shows what it means when he says, “ocean back.” As Dune says, “if it’s not regenerative then just don’t do it.”

Dune Lankard, Eyak Athabaskan of the Eagle Clan from Cordova, Alaska, has been fighting to protect his homelands in the Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta his entire life. He waged successful battles in protecting over a million acres in the Copper River Delta, was lifted up by Times Magazines as one of the Heroes of the Planet, selected by Asoka as one of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, won numerous awards for this work, and has mentored many in this movement just by being a warrior fighting for mother earth. His work has influenced Nick, many we work with, and the creation of NDN Collective.

On this episode:
Dune Lankard, Eyak Athabaskan, President and Founder of Native Conservancy


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