NDN Collective Hosts Extreme Heat and Climate Change Webinar

On Friday, September 16th NDN Collective’s Climate Justice team— Jade Begay, Director of Climate Justice Campaign, and Kailea Frederick, Climate Justice Organizer— joined Dr. Gaurab Basu, a health equity fellow from Harvard’s School of Public Health who works with the Center for Climate, Health and the Global Environment, on a presentation addressing the health equity crisis linked to extreme heat and climate change.

Over the last decade, we have witnessed the toll that extreme heat waves have taken on our people and the impact they have on our food and cultural ways. We have also become more aware of the increased intensity and frequency of heat waves. The reality of climate change and global warming is something we have all become intimately familiar with, yet often don’t have the necessary information to prepare for and adapt to.

Photo by Arto Marttinen on Unsplash.

At the onset of the presentation, several poll questions were presented by Jade Begay to webinar attendees who had the opportunity to respond in real time. Questions included: 

  • Have you experienced a high heat day or days this Summer?
  • Have you or a loved one experienced heat stress?
  • Do you know where your community cooling centers are?

In opening the presentation, Dr. Gaurab began with an explanation around what the greenhouse effect is and followed by presenting data on global fossil CO2 emissions over time, major contributors and why an aggressive effort must be made to combat CO2 emissions.

Dr. Gaurab discusses the increase of CO2 emissions from 1990 to present during NDN Collective’s September 16th Extreme Heat and Climate Change webinar. Photo powered by NDN Collective.

Dr. Gaurab additionally touched on how extreme heat is connected to climate change, why extreme heat is considered the ‘silent killer’, and how to prepare one’s community for high heat days.

At the close of the presentation, webinar attendees had an opportunity to ask Dr. Gaurab questions.

Watch the Complete Extreme Heat and Climate Change Webinar
The NDN Climate Justice Team joins Dr. Gaurab, of Cambridge Health Alliance, for a webinar addressing the health equity crisis linked to extreme heat and climate change.

5 Ways You Can Prepare for Extreme Heat & Climate Change

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