How do we build Indigenous power in times of crisis?

Building power is many things. It’s going to COP26 and disrupting the status quo, it’s advocating for policies that work for and benefit our people, it’s LANDBACK, it’s mutual aid during climate and social disasters. In this episode we hear from Indigenous and Black organizers about how they are building power for their communities in the face of the climate crisis.

This final episode of In Our Power for 2021 is a recording from a panel hosted by NDN Collective that occurred during COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. The panel includes Eriel Deranger, of Indigenous Climate Action, Colette Pichon Battle of the Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy, Lycia Maddocks of NDN Collective and moderated by Kailea Frederick.

After a confusing month after COP26 , with set backs on Build Back Better and disappointing outcomes from the Glasgow Climate Pact, may this episode provide clarity for how we continue to organize and build forward.

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