Issue #06 / 2021

Honoring a Season of Regeneration

Rest and Reflection as Revolutionary Acts

As 2021 comes to an end, we hope you are each taking time to rest, reflect, and connect to the rhythms of our natural world. What we deeply understand here at NDN Collective is that in today’s world, rest and reflection are revolutionary acts necessary for building Indigenous power. It is in that spirit that we take a moment to reflect on the power of what has transpired in the past 12 months. We’re also carrying strong visions into 2022, and we hope you’ll continue building with us.

At NDN Collective, we will continue to build Indigenous power by supporting self-determination for Indigenous communities across Turtle Island while at the same time, working diligently to dismantle systems of oppression and white supremacy. In this month’s newsletter, we lift up radical Indigenous dreamers, visionaries and community builders who embody the essence of “Defend. Develop. Decolonize.” through art, fearless advocacy, and representation in spaces where our voices are critical. We also share NEW opportunities to join the NDN Collective team.

Thank you for being in community with us.

 NDN Collective Awarded $50million Grant from Bush Foundation

To be Redistributed to Indigenous Communities in Late 2022 

NDN Collective Selected as One of Two Organizations to Receive the Award

This month we announced that NDN Collective was selected by the Bush Foundation to establish a Community Trust Fund which will be used to redistribute $50 million to Indigenous communities. Nexus Community Partners, a group selected for an additional $50 million grant, will be working to redistribute funds to Black communities in Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

“As we all continue to feel the economic effects of the global pandemic which have exacerbated the racial wealth gap worldwide, we are honored to develop a resource deployment mechanism alongside our Indigenous relatives in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota,” said Michael Johnson, Director of Advancement of NDN Collective.

Comprehensive planning and design around the grant will begin immediately in January 2022, which will include input from community partners and advisors.

Read the Press Release Here
Redefining Indigenous Wealth With a Bold, New Opportunity
Q&A with Nick Tilsen and Gaby Strong

After a months-long selection process, the Bush Foundation selected NDN Collective as one of two organizations to receive $50 million in a community trust fund to aid in closing the racial wealth gap in the tri-state region of Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

Nick Tilsen and Gaby Strong talk about NDN Collective’s vision to redefine wealth on Indigenous terms with a $50million community trust fund while calling up philanthropy to take more bold action to give hoarded wealth back to Black and Indigenous people.

Read the Full Q&A with Nick and Gaby
Statement from NDN Collective and Nexus on $100million in Grants

Historically, Black and Indigenous people have been pitted against each other by our colonizers and oppressors. But we know Indigenous sovereignty and Black liberation are tied to one another. While our people have unique histories and current needs, we are subjected to similar discrimination and violence – and neither of us will be free without the other. 

We know that money alone will not fix the deeply entrenched systems led by people who benefit from keeping us isolated from one another and without real power to change the way the world functions around us. The shifting of funding to our communities, however, is a necessary start as we build infrastructure and capacity to lift up our solutions.

Read the Full Statement Here

2021 Radical Imagination Artist & Storyteller Cohort Announced

NDN Collective Celebrates Second Cohort for Radical Imagination Grant

Bringing their radical imaginations to life through art

NDN Collective is proud to announce the 2021 Cohort of Radical Imagination Artists & Storytellers from throughout Turtle Island who will utilize grants of up to $50,000 to support community-aligned projects that envision the future world we are striving towards.

Artists were selected for their ability to amplify the Indigenous experience and use their art to highlight a future that is more just and equitable for Indigenous communities, all people and the planet.

2021 Community Self-Determination Partner Grantees Announced

92 Tribal, First Nations, Inuit, Metis and Indigenous-led nonprofit organizations from across Turtle Island to further their community efforts to Defend, Develop, Decolonize

NDN Collective is proud to announce the 2021 Community Self-Determination Partner Grantees who, in the course of two years, will utilize over $7million for general operating support, capacity building, capital and holistic support for comprehensive initiatives, specific programs and community development based on regenerative principles.

“We are honored to support so many Tribal Nations and Indigenous-led organizations, across Turtle Island and beyond, who are leading grass roots, movement building work in their communities” said Tina Kuckkahn, NDN Foundation’s Director of Grantmaking. “We are rematriating wealth back into the hands of Indigenous communities, who know best how to determine for themselves a strong vision for the future.”

Read More About this Grant Here

‘Our Best Days Are Ahead of Us’

NDN Billboard Series Debuts in Rapid City

The first design in the series of billboards powered by NDN Collective

NDN Collective Racial Equity Campaign collabs with artist Chad “Little Coyote” Yellowjohn for billboard design, debuting the first design in a five-week series of billboards to rotate throughout Rapid City, South Dakota

A message at the bottom of the billboard reads, “We are a beautiful & powerful People. Our best days are ahead of us!” Sunny Red Bear, NDN Collective Director of Racial Equity, says the billboard was designed, “in hopes of reminding our community to lean into the future with a hopeful heart and believe that good things are coming.”

LANDBACK Album Debuts on Thankstaking

Executively Produced by NDN Collective in Collaboration with 10 Indigenous Artists

This album is rooted in action, woven through storytelling, and fortified by the longstanding demand for LANDBACK in all of its forms. Thankstaking represents a long history of erasure and invisibility of the Original caretakers from whom the land was stolen. The story around so-called thanksgiving is a false narrative that continues to prioritize the founding myth of America over its original peoples. 

“The LANDBACK Album represents a step towards something so much bigger, an unrestrained vision of an Indigenous future. This is particularly true for not only how we reclaim our land but what we will do when we reclaim our land. It is always our artists that see the future and use their creative skill to portray it” said Krystal Two Bulls, NDN Collective LANDBACK Campaign Director

Read More About the Album Here

“What More Public Lands Leasing Means for Achieving U.S. Climate Targets”

Congressional Testimony by Jade Begay

Jade Begay, NDN Collective Climate Justice Campaign Director gives her testimonial via Zoom.

Jade Begay, NDN Collective’s Climate Justice Campaign Director, gives testimony before the congressional Committee on Natural Resources subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources on “What More Public Land Leasing Means for Achieving U.S. Climate Targets.”

From the NDN Blog:

“Just a little over two weeks ago, I was in Glasgow, Scotland meeting with your colleagues, including the White House Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy and the U.S. Special Envoy on Climate, John Kerry. My team met with these leaders in order to foster a partnership on strengthening the Build Back Better Act, climate policy abroad, and share our expertise on how the whole-of-government response to the climate crisis can be implemented equitably and efficiently.

I remember saying one afternoon in the U.S. Delegation offices that “in order to get it right on the international level, we first must get it right at home.” And that is precisely why I am here today, affirming what we all already know to be true — which is that more public land leasing to oil and gas industries means that we will not achieve our climate targets, and instead we will be violating the commitments the U.S. has made to the global community around reducing our emissions as a nation.”

Read Jade’s Full Testimony Here
Watch NDNs Live Coverage of Jade’s Congressional Testimony Here
NDN Collective YouTube

NDN Announces Open VP Position

 NDN Collective is Growing! Open Employment Opportunities Available

It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that we announce Nikki Pieratos’ departure as Managing Director of NDN Fund. Since 2019, Nikki has played a critical role in the development and success of the NDN Fund, and while we will miss her and her inspiring leadership, we wish her the best of luck in her new endeavors. 

Kim Pate, NDN Collective’s Vice President, has assumed the role of NDN Fund Managing Director.  As the NDN Fund Loan Committee Chair and member of the NDN Fund Steering Committee, Kim has been actively working with the NDN Fund team from the beginning. NDN Collective has begun the search for a new Vice President to replace Kim. 

A hiring committee made up of Board and Staff have come together to develop the position description and hiring plan for the NDN Collective Vice President.  The position is posted at the NDN Collective website Careers section, here. Applications will be accepted through January 1, 2022.  If you know of a promising candidate, please encourage them to apply!

Read the Full Announcement Here
Questions? Contact the Hiring Committee at

NDN Collective is Hiring!

Join our Team of Indigenous Movement Builders

Information Technology Director

The Information Technology (IT) Director will oversee NDN Collective’s IT function and the implementation of new IT systems and policies.

Learn More About the IT Director Position and Apply Here
Advancement Coordinator

The Advancement Coordinator will be part of a team of NDN staff and consultants to ensure we reach our fundraising goals each year, ensuring the organization is financially resourced to carry out our mission and goals.

Learn More About the Advancement Coordinator Position and Apply Here
Program Officer

The Program Officer will support the NDN Foundation Grants Programs which includes several specific funding streams.

Learn More About the Program Officer Position and Apply Here
Program Associate, NDN Foundation

The Program Associate provides administrative and programmatic support to the NDN Foundation and assists the Managing Director in planning, organizing and implementing Foundation operations as part of the NDN Eco-system, internally and externally.

Learn More About the Program Associate Position and Apply Here
Warehouse Manager

The Warehouse Manager will oversee NDN Collective’s Warehouse systems and policies. The goal is to ensure Warehouse systems are effective and functioning within the limits of budget, time and specifications of the organization.

Learn More About the Warehouse Manager and Apply Here
Finance Tech

The Finance Technician performs a variety of technical, and administrative financial support duties in the financial activities of the organization.

Learn More About the Finance Tech Position and Apply Here
Vice President

The Vice President provides leadership and oversight for Operations, Advancement, Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Compliance, Communications, Fiscal Sponsorship and Research and Evaluation functions at NDN Collective.

Learn More About the Vice President Position and Apply Here
Human Resources Director

The Human Resource Director oversees the HR department, provides oversight of organizational HR practices and policies and partners with the Leadership Team and staff to understand and execute the organization’s HR and talent strategy.

Learn More About the Human Resources Director Position and Apply Here
Media and Public Relations Officer

The Media & Public Relations Officer acts as the primacy media contact for the NDN Collective ecosystem and the President & CEO, creating and managing communications and messaging that shape public opinion and increase awareness of the NDN brand.

Learn More About the Media and Public Relations Officer Position and Apply Here

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer creates digital and print materials for the NDN Collective ecosystem following NDN Collective brand guidelines.

Learn More About the Graphic Designer Position and Apply Here

Research and Evaluation Manager

The Research and Evaluation Manager will contribute to NDN Collective’s overall success by supporting research and evaluation efforts to understand and continuously evolve how the NDN Collective ecosystem of organizations drives social change.

Learn More About the Research and Evaluation Manager Position and Apply Here

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer contributes to NDN Collective’s overall success of the organization by effectively managing all financial activities for the organization and as a member of the Leadership Team.

Learn More About the Chief Financial Officer Position and Apply Here

Program Associate, NDN Partners

The Program Associate provides administrative and programmatic support to the NDN Partners Managing Director in planning, developing business strategies, building client relationships and identifying new business opportunities as part of the NDN Eco-system, internally and externally.

Learn More About the Program Associate Position and Apply Here

Website Content Manager

The Website Content Manager leads the content coordination, development, and maintenance of the NDN Collective website and related websites.

Learn More About the Website Content Manager Position and Apply Here

Reporting to the Director of Finance, the Controller contributes to NDN Collective’s overall success by effectively overseeing the day-to-day financial activities for the NDN Ecosystem including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.

Learn More About the Controller Position and Apply Here
Director of Policy and Advocacy

The Director of Policy and Advocacy will provide leadership for our public policy and advocacy work, working collaboratively with our Political Director, NDN Collective ecosystem of organizations, board of directors, and contract lobbyists.

Learn More About the Director of Policy and Advocacy Position and Apply Here