Issue #06 / 2020

Defending Black Lives and Building Collective Power

George Floyd Memorial in Minneapolis, MN. Photograph: Shutterstock

At NDN Collective, we join the millions more throughout the world in grieving the loss of George Floyd and Black lives moreover to police brutality and systemic racism. Today, as protests and demonstrations in defense of Black lives continue to mount, we recognize this moment of energy and uprising as one that calls upon us all to listen deeply and reflect upon the historic roots of systemic racism, anti-blackness and police brutality in America. We must take seriously the work of self-reflection and inner work. Then, we must act, and commit ourselves to transformation on a global scale.

Since our inception, NDN Collective has been committed to the work of decolonization, movement-building and the transformation of unjust systems. While we are committed to building the collective power of Indigenous people, communities and Nations, we recognize that in that decolonial work, Indigenous liberation is directly tied to Black liberation. While we build our collective power, we do so by standing alongside our Black relatives in their long-held fight for justice.

There is no justice until we are all free from the colonial systems that continue to oppress and silence us. In this moment of transformation, we remain steadfast in the call for justice for Black lives.

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NDN Collective, IllumiNative, and Native Organizers Alliance

Joint Statement: Justice for George Floyd

Statement from NDN Collective, IllumiNative, and Native Organizers Alliance

As thousands of people respond to the murder of #GeorgeFloyd with mass protests and demonstrations across the country, we stand with our brothers and sisters in the Black community. 

We recognize and share their pain, grief, and outrage. Systemic racism was the engine that built this country. Today, Black, Brown, Immigrant and Indigenous communities are still under attack and this status quo continues to be nurtured and encouraged by the inaction of elected officials and by the direct words of the President. 

Read the Full Statement at the NDN Collective Website

NDN COVID-19 Response Project

$2.5 Million Awarded in Phase 1

In the first month after announcing the NDN COVID-19 Response Project, NDN has made awards to 95 Tribal Nations and Indigenous-led organizations totaling over $2,500,000 in grant awards. Selected grantees represent Indigenous communities from 23 states and Mexico.

“NDN is honored to quickly move these resources to outstanding efforts in Tribal communities working to mitigate the first wave of effects from the spread of the coronavirus,” said Nick Tilsen, NDN Collective President and CEO. “We know that we have not seen the peak of this health crisis in our home communities, and NDN Collective continues to call upon philanthropy and those with resources to continue supporting COVID-19 response projects that prioritize vulnerable populations.”

SD Tribal Nations Exercise Sovereignty and Protect Citizens with Checkpoints

Defend. Develop. Decolonize.

Oglala Lakota citizens at a checkpoint on the borderlands of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Photo Courtesy of Philip Yellow Hawk.

While the novel Coronavirus spreads its reach to vulnerable Indigenous communities, Tribal Nations across the country have taken measures to protect their people, their knowledge-keepers, and their cultures.  In South Dakota, checkpoints have been established at the borders of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe, and on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, home to the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, ensuring that all who enter are vetted, screened, and practicing safe measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Read More at the NDN Collective Website

Biden Promise to Stop KXL Pipeline

NDN Call-to-Action

NDN Collective Press Statement

On May 18th, Presidential Candidate Joe Biden announced that if elected he would rescind President Donald Trump’s permit allowing the Keystone XL pipeline to cross the U.S. border — a move that would virtually kill all plans in the U.S. to build the controversial TC Energy pipeline. This news comes as a win to many Indigenous communities and environmental and climate justice groups across the country who have been battling and rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline for decades. 

“Indigenous people and our allies have been working for years to stop the KXL pipeline,” said Nick Tilsen, President and CEO of NDN Collective. “This announcement from former Vice President Joe Biden not only underscores the importance of the upcoming historical election but also affirms that our voices and demands are being heard. Now, we must all get out and vote and hold Biden to his word.” 

Read the full Statement at the NDN Collective Website

Notable Tweets

NDN Collective Amplified!

Amplifying NDN’s Anti-Racism Work and Navajo Nation Relief Fund

At NDN Collective, we value our allies and partners worldwide who lift up our efforts, calling upon their personal networks to support our work to defend, develop, and decolonize. Here are some notable tweets and mentions from the past month:

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TAKE ACTION: The Movement for Black Lives

We stand, work, and build in solidarity with the @mvmnt4blklives and their week of action starting through June 5th, and beyond if necessary. Please read the call to action below:

The Movement For Black Lives and organizers mobilizing across the country invite you to rise up with us and say no more! We are calling for a week of action June 1st to 5th In Defense of Black Lives. This is an opportunity to uplift and fight alongside those turning up in the streets and on the airwaves.

Today we prepare for the week ahead by intentionally grounding ourselves and fortifying our spirits for the protracted struggle. Today we make space for collective mourning and resilience as we get in touch with what is required of us in this moment. Mobilize in solidarity with activists and organizers across the country and world saying enough is enough. Change your social media profile pictures to the image below this week to show that you are committed to being in defense of Black lives. #DefundPolice #DefendBlackLife

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Nine Positions Open at NDN Collective

Program Associate, NDN Foundation

The Program Associate provides administrative and programmatic support to the NDN Foundation and assists the Director of Grantmaking/Managing Director in planning, organizing and implementing activities and duties of the Foundation as part of the NDN Eco-system, internally and externally.

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Fiscal Sponsorship Coordinator

The Fiscal Sponsor Coordinator provides administrative and programmatic support to NDN’s Fiscal Sponsorship Program in planning, organizing and implementing activities and duties of the Fiscal Sponsorship Program internally and externally.

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Digital Organizer

The Digital Organizer is responsible for building relationships with important community stakeholders including non-traditional partners through targeted outreach efforts.

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Climate Justice Campaign Director

The Climate Justice Campaign Director will spearhead Climate Justice Campaigns to defeat fossil fuel and other extractive industries and promote transformative, renewable, sustainable and equitable climate policies for Indigenous Peoples and communities. 

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Program Officer

Reporting to Director of Grantmaking, the Program Officer will support the NDN Grants Programs, NDN Changemakers Fellowship and NDN Prize. The Program Officer will also help create a grantmaking pipeline of potential grantees, fellows and prize winners throughout NDN’s regional focus. 

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Capacity Building Coordinator

Reporting to NDN Fund Managing Director, the NDN Fund Capacity Building Coordinator is primarily responsible for coordinating the technical assistance support for the preparation of larger development projects at various stages of development around NDN Fund’s lending areas.

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Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant provides executive support to the President & CEO. The Executive Assistant serves as a point of contact for internal and external constituencies on matters pertaining to the President & CEO. This positions provides the candidate with the opportunity to work in a high-energy and team atmosphere where Indigenous capacity and movement-building happen on the daily.

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NDN Fund Loan Officer

The NDN Fund Loan Officer is responsible for originating, underwriting, closing, and monitoring loans that promote NDN Collective’s Theory of Change and NDN Fund’s resilient and regenerative lending principles. The position provides the candidate with the opportunity to help build the organization’s lending strategy, be at the forefront of new capital solutions, and support innovative projects led by Indigenous communities. 

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NDN Action Managing Director

The NDN Action Managing Director will provide leadership, along with other NDN Action staff, in the development and implementation of policy advocacy priorities and strategy. They will also lead in development of coalition building strategies and supporting the cultivation of key relationships.

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