NDN Collective Manifesto

The NDN Collective Manifesto

The NDN Collective is a new, exciting approach to building the collective power of Indigenous Peoples. We have long experienced the stealing of our lands, oppression of our people and the continued violation of our human rights. Despite our communities being under attack, we have a deep and profound sense of identity and resilience. The power and spirit of Indigenous people is spurring creativity, innovation and systems-change solutions that are not only solving problems throughout North America’s Indigenous communities, but the lessons learned by Indigenous Peoples have the ability to inform society in making strides towards a more just and equitable world for all people and the planet.

The NDN Collective is building infrastructure for Indigenous movement building. The reality is that Indigenous movements need to be supported on our terms and with our lived experience. Indigenous Peoples do not need to be saved, and the old school, missionary approaches to problem-solving have perpetuated the very problems that we are trying to solve.

The NDN Collective is not about charity, we are about change. Change happens when you truly support the self-determination of the people most impacted by the problems facing society. In this case, the NDN Collective and our related entities are focused on building permanent and lasting infrastructure that is dedicated to driving philanthropic, social impact investment, capacity building and organizing infrastructure that builds collective power by and for Indigenous Peoples.