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Co-founder, Native Renewables Wahleah Johns Navajo from Tonizhoni, Arizona

Wahleah Johns is a tribal member of the Navajo from Tonizhoni, Arizona. She currently resides in Oakland, CA with her two daughters and husband. She co-founded Native Renewables, an organization working to provide solar energy for tribal communities. Johns has over 15 years of community organizing for water protection, economic and environmental justice. She serves as the Chair of the Navajo Green Economy Commission.

Recent stories by Wahleah Johns

Stories Alcatraz Canoe Journey: Honoring 50 Years of Indigenous Resistance and Persistence
"If we work to reframe Alcatraz as a symbol for Indigenous sovereignty and reposition it in people’s psyche that way, it could be a very powerful thing, especially for people who are so often forgotten overlooked and marginalized like Natives in America."
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