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NDN Collective is the most ambitious, systemic effort to empower Indigenous communities in the history of philanthropy.

Data Manager Tiana Begay Diné/Hopi

Tiana Begay (she/her), Grants Manager, is Diné, Hopi, and a citizen of the Navajo Nation. She has worked with a variety of non profit organizations for the past 9 years. Some of the services she helped provide included: rehabilitation and recovery from substances, respite care for children, maternal and infant health home visiting, domestic violence housing and care, and a head start program in rural communities. She worked in administrative roles until eventually working specifically with the data for nonprofits. In more recent years she has worked with the collection, processing anf validating information within databases.
Tiana started at NDN Collective supporting with administrative tasks and moved into managing grants in conjunction with the Grantmaking team. She is now currently managing all aspects of data, databases, and data systems for the R&E team.

Tiana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a double minor in Global Health and Sustainability from Arizona State University.

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