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NDN Collective is the most ambitious, systemic effort to empower Indigenous communities in the history of philanthropy.

Director of Movement & Strategic Partnerships Thalia Yarina Carroll-Cachimuel Kichwa-Otavalo

Thalia Yarina Carroll-Cachimuel (she/her), Director of Movement & Strategic Partnerships, is a Kichwa warmi from Otavalo, Ecuador. Thalia’s professional career has been rooted in the realm of reimaging philanthropy, uplifting BIPOC organizations, and advocating for Indigenous communities through political policies. 

She is the curator of ‘The Fight to Free Leonard Peltier – Honoring Indigenous Culture & Heritage” and “Free Leonard Peltier” political advocacy exhibitions.

Thalia is an alumnus of the Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service at NYU Wagner and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Human Services from Northeastern University. 

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