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Stories COP26: Energy, Continued Extraction, and False Promises
Greenwashed solutions, projects, and others like them throughout the world continue to devastate Indigenous and frontline communities in the name of energy independence, but we ask, independence for whom? Tens of thousands of people in America are severely lacking access to energy, particularly our Indigenous communities. These communities are on the frontlines of the devastating effects of natural resource extraction but very rarely benefit from the exploitation and devastation.
Stories Memo: How ‘the Build Back Better Act’ Can Meaningfully Mobilize Investment to Indigenous Communities & Uphold Free Prior and Informed Consent in the Process
Our message is as important as ever as politicians from around the globe continue to deflect their responsibilities by uplifting false solutions to climate change -- such as net zero and “nature-based solutions” -- and erasing the voices of our people. Politicians are turning a blind eye to the needs of Indigenous and frontline communities, while using exploitative colonial financial structures and nefarious accounting balancing tricks.