Impact Investing & Lending

NDN Fund is the impact investing and lending arm of the NDN Collective, providing financing for large-scale Indigenous regenerative community and national development projects that dramatically scale up investment and shift all decision-making power to Indigenous peoples. NDN Fund, along with the entire NDN Collective ecosystem, is creating a paradigm shift in how society invests in economic development by grounding investment strategy in Indigenous systems thinking, recognizing the interconnectedness of all things and our responsibilities to our homelands and each other.

NDN Fund is an emerging Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that will move over $100 million in capital to projects that uphold the principles of regenerative and just economies and are both led by and serve Indigenous communities. NDN Fund includes capacity building and technical assistance as part of its future service offering to help prepare Indigenous communities to optimally absorb and sustain this new influx of capital.

NDN Partners provides fee-for-service strategy consulting services to build the capacity and skills of Indigenous-led organizations, communities, people, tribes, and movements to be able to successfully utilize systems thinking and design thinking. Services will include but are not limited to:

  • Advising foundations and individual grantmaking strategies in how they can best support our people and planet.
  • Helping communities create comprehensive community development plans.
  • Training Indigenous-led organizations to utilize community development practices that leverage our deep knowledge of systems thinking and design thinking.
  • Providing strategic advice and research to leaders of Indigenous organizations to support their growth and success.

NDN Partners will also enter into joint ventures for Indigenous economic development projects. NDN Fund and NDN Partners will work together and coordinate efforts to bring flexible capital, resources, and capacity to the Indigenous communities we’re working with.

Eligible development projects will be in the areas of:

Renewable Energy

We support community-owned and controlled ecologically sound renewable energy, emphasizing a transition away from fossil fuels.

Community Development and Housing

Community and housing design can reflect the culture, bioregion, and way of life of the people.We support affordable housing and community facilities designed with community input and encourage consideration of natural and local building materials, incorporation of traditional cultural land-based design principles and inspiration from the top tier regenerative building standards.

Resilient, Sustainable Infrastructure

We support infrastructure development, including roads, potable water systems, rainwater harvesting, sewer, ecological wastewater treatment, broadband access, transmission lines, and more.

Social Enterprise

We support innovative entrepreneurs and businesses that offer clear social and cultural benefits with potential to deliver services at scale.

NDN Fund and NDN Partners are currently setting the groundwork to operationalize this vision. If you are interested in learning more about our plans, theory of change, or becoming a partner or ally, please contact NDN Fund Managing Director Nikki Pieratos at

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