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This opportunity is open to organizations working in the defense, development, and/or decolonization of Indigenous people who meet the following criteria:


Organization in Canada, the United States, the Islands of Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, and American Samoa, and Mexico.


100% of Board of Directors and 70% of staff are Indigenous people


Demonstrated accountability to the community/communities served.

Eligible organizations will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Ability to defend, develop, and/or decolonize Indigenous people and communities.

Ability to work across NDN interest areas of defend, develop, decolonize, with the  strongest applicants working in all three.

Commitment to self-determination as demonstrated by an ability to determine and work towards their community’s top priorities.

Demonstrated ability to effectively utilize and/or leverage large, unrestricted grant

Alignment with NDN Collective’s cultural values and norms, including:

The interconnectedness of all things

Indigenous self-determination

Equity and justice for all people and the planet

Open Opportunity

Community Self-Determination Grants

Invitation only

Native Funding Infrastructure Grants

No application. Organizations will be approached by NDN Collective to understand if they are interested in receiving an unrestricted grant and talk through the opportunity together.

Organizations interested in receiving funding will be required to submit the information required to process the grant.

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